The Ballini family of San Cresci

The Ballini family of San Cresci

Sergio Ballini
Sergio Ballini

Genealogy of the Ballini family of San Cresci, Chianti, Tuscany



I, Bucci Don Solaro, Parish Priest of the Parish of the Pieve di S. Cresci in Montefioralle, at the request of Mr. Sergio Ballini, resident farmer and tenant of the Podere Pieve di S. Cresci, did research to determine how many years his family he has resided on the aforementioned farm, now his property and formerly owned by this parish.

The research carried out in the parish archive reveals that the Ballini family has been domiciled in the aforementioned farm since 1856 as written in register no. 4 of the Stato delle Anime.

It is impossible to make an exact chronology due to the lack of some registers and the incompleteness of others, but we can, however, define the following:

“In the year 1856, Pietro Ballini, Maria, his wife, and Giuseppe and Giovanni, were domiciled in the Podere Pieve.

In the year 1857, Ballini Pietro di Francesco, Maria, his wife, David, his first son, and Giovanni son of Giuseppe were domiciled in the Podere Pieve.

In the year 1867, there appeared to be resident Ballini Pietro di Francesco, Maria, his wife, Giovanni, his uncle, David, Giuseppe, Antonio, Niccolò and Francesco, his sons.

The lack of some pages and the exhaustion of the register lead us to another register with a few pages in the years 1871 and 1872 where we find again Ballini Pietro di Francesco, Maria, his wife, and children David, Giuseppe, Antonio, domiciled in the Podere Pieve, along with Niccolò, Francesco, Emilio and Giovanni.

In the year 1890, we find David di Pietro married to Rosa Lapini and their son named Alfredo was born. In 1902, David has three children, Alfredo, Gino, Giulio.

In the year 1914, Alfredo married Morganti Adina and had a son named Pietro. In 1930, Ballini Alfredo has Pietro, Adino, Roberto and Marcella as children.

In the year 1943 Ballini Pietro di Alfredo married Batolini Arduina and they had the following children: Rosanna in 1944, Sergio in 1947, Carla in 1951.”

Since that time, Sergio Ballini has married Paola, and they have two children, David and Laura. Laura is married and has one son.